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The art of recording.

Updated: Mar 14, 2019


I was once told by a recording engineer that my song should always sound better in the studio. That really stuck with me. It's a simple concept but it's true. It's no secret that with modern recording equipment, it isn't near as hard used to be to get a good sound. So now I feel like the ball is in the recording artist's court more than ever!

Recording is an art in itself. I've came across alot of artist who are really good artists but are lacking when it comes to the studio. And vise versa. Being able to record well will seperate you from the masses! Obviously you will need to be able to perform to be successful. But you are going to want to have that song perfect when someone looks you up on whatever platform you choose to release your recorded project on. I personally want to be able to do whatever is needed to make my song binge worthy.

What if I told you small things could make a world of difference in the studio? For example, learning to punch in and manage your breathes can take your song from good to great! Slowing down and letting the engineer replay every take back to you is another trick that will pay off in the long run. I'll say it again... rushed music will always sound rushed. But from the engineer stand point, my job is to make your song sound the best it can be. I take what you leave me and mix it together. So its extremely important that what you leave me is the best it can be.

My last thought for the day on this is that you should be wanting to challenge these engineers. Have a vision for the song and do everything on your side you can to make the vision come true. Then the engineer should come in and do their part and bring it all together. I tell my clients to learn about the recording side. Learn what an eq is, Compression and autotune. I encourage you to watch some videos and find out about this stuff so you can know what you are talking about. Engineers and producers speak a different language and if you can speak it with them you can get straight to the vision of your song. The end goal is for the song to be great! Do whatever it takes!


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