Breaking the local mindset

In my six years of running a recording studio in a local area, I can definitely say that I am seeing the patterns. A lot of artists have worldwide dreams but go through their day-to-day with a local mindset. I live in a relatively small town and the local mindset is everywhere. Not just in music. I see it in myself often. In small towns, everyone knows everybody and most of the time everyone knows every bodies business. Small towns can be very toxic. We tend to miss the big picture and begin to feel like this tiny town is all that is out there. Which of course is completely wrong. There are 7 continents and billions of people on this planet and yet we still make most of our decisions based on what is right in front of us. I see music artists doing this and it's killing their chances of advancing to the next level. Taking over your hometown is incredibly difficult. For whatever reason, your hometown is often where you will find the most hate. What makes it worse is even if you accomplish the hometown takeover that still doesn't mean your career will make it any further than that. So let me brighten things up before you decide to throw in the towel. My advice to any artist located in a small town is to get out past what is right in front of you. Use the internet and start aiming to reach the rest of the world. Strangers are going to be the ones that make you successful. The world is big and full of great opportunities. Most of the time the artists I see that are expressing how they feel stuck in the local scene are making great music. It's not the music that is holding them back. It's the plan to get their music heard that is lacking. You've got to take trips to the big cities. Meet new people. Aim your marketing to new crowds. A great song that doesn't get heard is a tragedy. Why craft that masterpiece and only show your hometown? If you created some new invention that you thought would change the world, you wouldn't just want to share it with your hometown. You would want the world to see it. Start treating your music like something great that needs to be heard everywhere. I've seen that music is not like NBA basketball games. You may not receive any home-court advantages. But that's no reason to give up. Expansion is never comfortable but it's necessary. Get out of your comfort zone and find ways to present your music to wider audiences.

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